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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Another Way to Think About Influencing Buyers

 I recently was featured as a guest blogger on Legal Sonar. Wanted to share with you! Enjoy.

Do you know why your customers are buying from you?

·         Is it your legal “expertise?”

·         Your track record? 

·         The opinions of your referrals? 

·         The price you offer?

·         Your ability to provide them seamless service for all their needs?

·         You understand their business and can speak to them about appropriate ways to help them?

There are many factors that can affect the purchasing decision and understanding the KEY influences impacting buying can put you in a position to better tailor your approach – and have a better opportunity to resonate with clients/targets..

As you think about these influencers, whether psychological, demographic, personal or social, also think about how impacting a customer’s attitudes and behaviors can assist with your marketing and business development efforts. It’s no secret that emotions are powerful factors that move people into action and cause them to make a purchase. To influence your buyers, you must understand and appeal to them emotionally.

·     Impacting Attitudes – How do you get customers to prefer your product/services, believe in your cause, trust/respect you, drop an objective they have about your product/services or recommend/endorse you? Impacting attitudes is about how you communicate and what you communicate (key messages).
·     Impacting Behavior – How do you get customers to respond, attend an event, call you/accept a call, respond to a promotion/targeting campaign, actively consider your product/service or accept a meeting? Impacting behaviors is the result of understanding your target. If you can change a customer’s behavior, you are more apt to convert them to your product/service.
Taking a step back, the only way that understanding influencers matters is if you are properly identifying your targets. Without identifying your targets, you will not be able to accurately position yourself in the market and use influencers to drive marketing efforts. Targeting allows you to understand what venue you need to focus your marketing in that can generate leads that produce customers. The use of targeting, customer influencers and a multi channel strategy is a successful formula for success in marketing.