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Monday, January 16, 2012

Changing the Marketing Mix

2012 is finally here and marketers are using a combination of innovative efforts to impact their target base.  We know that when crafting and executing marketing strategies, we need to keep in mind the changing PR, media and market landscapes and their relationship to human behavior.  With this in mind, new and time-tested marketing initiatives are taking the forefront in this years marketing mix:
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Direct mail is making a comeback. We have seen a steady decline in direct efforts in the realty and credit card areas over the last 12 to 18 months. However, effective direct mail (for the right products) will once again take an active place in the marketing mix.  Consumers are being inundated with electronic communications so marketers are trending to use direct mail in strategic ways to increase visibility.

Digital takes new front role in the marketing mix. While direct mail may be making a comeback for targeted efforts, marketers are seeing a big shift happening – a shift that will most likely continue throughout next year. Companies and organizations are now, finally, giving digital marketing channels precedence over traditional, analog media. Of course an integrated marketing approach remains key, but digital comes first, both in strategy and in budget.  Social media will continue to increase in importance, and the use of items such as QR codes will continue to be explored as venues to target digital.

Bundling will increase as marketers get smarter about pre-packaging products and services based on customer needs and problem-solving opportunities.

Video usage among B2B companies will increase, with far more value-added content and fewer boring demos. Cisco predicts that 80% of all Internet traffic will be video by 2015.   If you’re not learning about how to use video to grow your business online, it’s time to get started.  Consider video presentations about your business and services.  Go for quality and differentiate yourself from your competition early in the game.  Video brochures, video newsletters, and regular video communications on your web site will identify your business as progressive and “in touch.”  

 Mobile continues to impact how people interact with companies.  Over the past year, mobile devices have led both technological and marketing innovation. Google states that 79% of smartphone owners use their mobiles to aid in shopping and 74% make a purchase as a result. Smartphones have revolutionised how we interact with content on-the-go and in 2012 the mobile device will continue to play a significant role. In particular, mobile devices could reinvent the remote control for connected TVs.

Inforgraphics is becoming more important in strategy formation.  Infographics is the way we consume information.  Analysis of consumer segments is becoming forefront in creating marketing strategies that are more efficient.

Here's to pushing our efforts forward and becoming more valuable to our organizations.

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