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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Right + Left Brain Marketing

We've all taken the psychology class in college, so understand that there are differences in how people think.  We know right brain personalities are more creative (interprets information intuitively, visually and emotionally), where left brainers are more analytical (logical, rational, sequential, verbal and textual).  Why is this important in marketing?  How a marketer thinks will impact the type of campaign he/she develops.

The emotional part of the brain and the rational part of the brain work together, and it is this commingling of emotions and reasons that marketers need to understand in order to position their brands and build messages for greater success.  For a marketer to succeed, both sides the brain needs to be "exercised" to be effective.

Marketo recently posted an interesting infographic on the differences in how marketers think.  I enjoyed this and wanted to share with you.

Click Right Brain/Left Brain Marketers to see the full graphic.

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